MebTec Technology, Inc.

Instrumentation software, instrumentation and Quality Control

QMS is a true client-server system software suite for the factory floor based on a centralized relational database (such as Microsoft SQL Server or Advantage Database Server) for storing all cigarette and filter quality control inputs, configurations, specifications, and control limits (DataMart QC software structure).  It automatically analyzes and tags quality control data collected from various product inspection devices[1] (QC instrumentation) and transfers those to the database via data relay software (DataRelay QC software).  QMS employs a distributable software component interface for providing output to various personnel (DataLink QC software) connected to QMS.    


QMS provides first-hand access to quality information (real-time and historical) for a variety of end users

(QC department, management, operators and technicians), who can use it to monitor the process,

make process improvements, and provide accountability and traceability of data for auditing purposes. 

It also provides a variety of data displays for historical and real-time tracking of batch samples including

tabular displays and SPC control charts.  Data can be filtered using date criteria and data tags

(product, machine, device, work order, container).  QMS provides a secure centralized administration

of quality specifications, 

control limits and other setup parameters used by the system.  It provides a notification messaging

system throughout the QMS network including machine & instrument event logging, and a documentation



A powerful and flexible system data report writer is also available to generate a wide selection of reports,

and these can be filtered by data tag selections into various groupings and formats.  Advanced data

mining tool for custom reporting and exporting to Excel format exists.  QMS has the ability to accept

remote commands issued by admins.  An extensibility feature called "Add-Ins" allows external programs

to be launched/toggled from the main title bar.  QMS has the ability to readily switch between multiple



QMS can be configured for multi-plant situations and it can be set up using Virtual Private Network (VPN). 

DataLink QC can be deployed as a standalone installation or as a thin-client application

(using MS Terminal Services, Citrix, etc.) and can run on standard PCs or touch screen PCs when used

as an HMI operator panel.  Components of QMS can be integrated into other software platforms.


[1] The main companies are Cerulean, Sodim Instrumentation, KC-Automation, and BCD Microtechnique. 

A special application exists for Mettler for SNUS applications.